On deformation of polygonal dendrites preserving the intersection graph

Keywords: self-similar dendrite, generalized polygonal system, attractor, intersection graph, index diagram


Let S = S1, ..., Sm be a system of contracting similarities of ℝ2. The attractor K(S) of the system S is a non-empty compact set satisfying K = S1(K) ∪ ... ∪ Sm(K). We consider contractible polygonal systems S which are defined by a finite family of polygons whose intersection graph is a tree and therefore the attractor K(S) is a dendrite. We find conditions under which a deformation S′ of a contractible polygonal system S has the same intersection graph and therefore the attractor K(S′) is a self-similar dendrite which is isomorphic to the attractor K of the system S.

Groups and Graphs, Designs and Dynamics 2019