Open problems from NCS 2018


  • Jonathan Leech Westmont College, United States
  • João Pita Costa Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia



Skew lattice, ring, primitive skew lattice, dual congruence distributivity, orthodox semigroup, sheaf representation, left regular band, quasilattice, paralattice, covering lattice, skew Boolean algebra, congruence lattice, antilattice, skew Heyting algebra, coset structure, comodernistic lattice


All participants in the workshop NCS2018 were invited to submit a list of open problems, typically problems relevant to the subject matter of their talk. These problems follow, grouped according the particular individual presenting them. These individuals appear with their problem sets in alphabetical order, the sole exception being that the Honoree of the workshop appears first. Some of the presenters give a bit of background to accompany their problems. In other cases, such as myself, the presenter assumes that enough background was given in their talk as published herein. Thus the reader is invited to refer back to the relevant article. It is hoped that in the months to follow some of these problems will be solved, or at least, considerable light will be shed on them.





Non-Commutative Structures 2018