Automorphism groups of Walecki tournaments with zero and odd signatures

  • Janez Aleš Heidelberg University, Germany
Keywords: Tournaments, Hamilton directed cycles, automorphism groups


Walecki tournaments were defined by Alspach in 1966. They form a class of regular tournaments that posses a natural Hamilton directed cycle decomposition. It has been conjectured by Kelly in 1964 that every regular tournament possesses such a decomposition. Therefore Walecki tournaments speak in favor of the conjecture. A second interest in Walecki tournaments arises from the mapping between cycles of the complementing circular shift register and isomorphism classes of Walecki tournaments. The problem of enumerating non-isomorphic Walecki tournaments has not been solved to date. We characterize the arc structure of Walecki tournaments whose corresponding binary sequences have zero and odd signature. Automorphism groups are determined for zero signature Walecki tournaments and for odd signature Walecki tournaments with the zero signature Walecki subtournaments.

Walecki tournaments possess a broad range of subtournaments isomorphic to some Walecki tournament. Subtournaments of odd signature Walecki tournaments induced by the outsets of the central vertex are proven to be either regular or almost regular.