Self-dual, self-Petrie-dual and Möbius regular maps on linear fractional groups

Keywords: Regular map, external symmetry, self-dual, self-Petrie-dual, Möbius regular


Regular maps on linear fractional groups PSL(2, q) and PGL(2, q) have been studied for many years and the theory is well-developed, including generating sets for the associated groups. This paper studies the properties of self-duality, self-Petrie-duality and Möbius regularity in this context, providing necessary and sufficient conditions for each case. We also address the special case for regular maps of type (5, 5). The final section includes an enumeration of the PSL(2, q) maps for q ≤ 81 and a list of all the PSL(2, q) maps which have any of these special properties for q ≤ 49.

International Workshop on Symmetries of Graph and Networks 2018