On a conjecture about the ratio of Wiener index in iterated line graphs

  • Martin Knor Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia
  • Katarı́na Hriňáková Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia
  • Riste Škrekovski University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Keywords: Wiener index, line graph, tree, iterated line graph


Let G be a graph. Denote by W(G) its Wiener index and denote by Li(G) its i-iterated line graph. Dobrynin and Mel’nikov proposed to estimate the extremal values for the ratio Rk(G) = W(Lk(G)) / W(G) for k ≥ 1. Motivated by this we study the ratio for higher k’s. We prove that among all trees on n vertices the path Pn has the smallest value of this ratio for k ≥ 3. We conjecture that this holds also for k = 2, and even more, for the class of all connected graphs on n vertices. Moreover, we conjecture that the maximum value of the ratio is obtained for the complete graph.