Hurwitz's regular map (3, 7) of genus 7: A polyhedral realization

Keywords: Hurwitz surface, regular map, polyhedral manifold


A Hurwitz surface, named after Adolf Hurwitz, is a compact Riemann surface with precisely 84(g − 1) automorphisms, where g is the genus of the surface. The Hurwitz surface of least genus is the Klein quartic of genus 3. A polyhedral realization without self-intersections of Klein’s quartic of genus 3 was found by E. Schulte and J. M. Wills in 1985. For the next possible genus of a Hurwitz surface, i.e., for the genus 7 case with 72 vertices, we provide a polyhedral realization without self-intersections. We also show a topological representation for which we have a corresponding model.