Call for papers for the Dragan Marušič 70 issue of ADAM


Papers submitted for this special issue should be on topics presented or discussed at ``Groups, graphs and everything in between'', a workshop dedicated to the celebration of the 70th birthday of Dragan Marušič, or closely related to them. The Art of Discrete and Applied Mathematics (ADAM) is a modern, dynamic, platinum open access, electronic journal that publishes high-quality articles in contemporary discrete and applied mathematics (including pure and applied graph theory and combinatorics), with no costs to authors or readers. To be considered for inclusion in this special issue, papers should be submitted by December 31, 2023, via the ADAM website

A template and style file for submissions can be downloaded from ADAM website, or obtained from one of the editors on request. The ideal length of papers is 10 to 15 pages, but longer or shorter papers will certainly be considered. Papers that are accepted will appear on-line soon after acceptance, and papers that are not processed in time for the special issue may still be accepted and published in a subsequent regular issue of ADAM.