Focus and Scope

The Art of Discrete and Applied Mathematics (ADAM) is a modern, dynamic, platinum open access, electronic journal that will publish high-quality articles of arbitrary length in contemporary discrete and applied mathematics in which neither the authors nor the readers incur any costs. Short notes are welcome, as well as extra long articles with numerous drawings, tables or long proofs. Articles may be accompanied by computer programs and data.

The scope of ADAM is dynamic and includes but is not limited to the scope of its parent journal Ars Mathematica Contemporanea (AMC). In addition, ADAM will publish papers in pure and applied graph theory and combinatorics. High quality papers from chemical graph theory are also welcome. ADAM will consider all papers closely associated with the research interests of members of its editorial board. The structure of the editorial board will be adjusted occasionally to reflect new interests of authors and readers.

ADAM will publish special editions dedicated to a single topic or to the proceedings of a conference or workshop. Normally, such special editions will be proposed by a member of the editorial board of ADAM or AMC, and in such cases, at least one of the guest editors will be a member of the editorial board of AMC or ADAM. Also if appropriate, such special editions may be printed and sold as books.

This journal adheres to the EMS Code of Practice.